Monday, March 26, 2012

Ah, Dandelions

It's that time of year.  Most of our dandelions are still yellow, but you can find a nice, puffy white one if you look hard enough.  Our neighbors spray weed killer...but we haven't gotten around to that yet....  One of our little white dandelions can ruin it for the whole street!  Especially when your kids know that blowing all those seeds off in a single breath can, in fact, grant you a WISH!

Bo was teaching his little sister about the wish thing, and actually managed to get all the seeds off in one breath.  He was very proud of that.

Bo:  "Mom!! I got a wish!"
Me:  "Oh, that's great, honey!"
Bo:  "Yeah, I blew them all off, all at once!"
Me:  "Cool!"
Bo:  "Do you want to know what I wished for?"
Bo doesn't know that if you tell a wish, it might not come true.  He motioned for me to lean my head down, which I did.
Me:  "What did you wish for?"
Bo (whispering):  "I wished for you to be pretty!"

Ah, well.  There ya go.  And since he told me...well, I guess it won't come true now!
I'm staying up late  tonight, hoping for a shooting star.  :)

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Jason said...

The most amazing thing is that Bo's wish came true before he ever wished it. It's been true for at least the past 11 years (actually I guess she's put up with me for closer to 13). And from the pictures I've seen, its always been true.