Age: 4
  • Looooooovvvves his baby sister
  • Usually loves his "best friend," Dub
  • Likes the pool, trucks, trains, Lightning McQueen, Thomas, Tom & Jerry, Max & Ruby,  "riding" the tractors at Lowe's, cookies, and doing everything Dub does
  • Doesn't like almost everything else at any given time unless he wants to like it
  • Is a little scared of fireworks
  • Is DANGER-PRONE!!!  He's had a broken arm, a plethora of cuts and bruises (some of which even needed stitches), even stepped on a hot sparkler and got a nasty burn on the bottom of his foot.  He bangs his head on various things and rather than check his head we check to make sure there is no damage to whatever he hit.  He seriously has one of the hardest little heads ever.
  • Is possibly a jellyfish, because he is extremely flexible; he makes himself into the cutest little bundles of boy! :)