Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Hay-Hays and Other Cousins

This past weekend was so much fun, y'all.  It's one of those times when I have to thank God that I came from a big family.  Because whenever we get together (as many of us as we can), we all have so much fun!
*(Maybe someday the rest of y'all will move back to this side of the world!  I'm just sayin'!)*

The highlight, at least for most of us, was meeting the Hay-Hays.  They are just one week apart in age (they're 21 and 20 weeks old now).
Rocky with the Hay-Hays
(The nickname is because their real names are so similar - which I'm not going to put on this site, but if you know Rocky & Arrow you can look them up on Facebook.  Or you can message me on FB and I'll tell you...if I trust you...!)
I love babies!!!  Look at those cheeks!  Those legs!  That hair (or lack of it on Hay #2!)!!!  Those SWEET FEET!!!!!!!  I got in some major baby-time, not that it's ever enough.  Sigh.  My baby days are over.  :(

We also got to play with some other cousins and aunts and uncles....
Dub blowing bubbles for Aunt Katie and Hay #2

Big Guy!!!!! (He's alright, he really is...!)

If you can't tell whose kid this is...he's Rocky's.  Now it's so obvious!

Bubble wands and whoopie cushions...Thanks, Aunt Cary! :)

Arrow, etc.

It's peanut butter jelly time!!!  Living room picnic :)

Uncle Kenny's and Aunt Cary's awesome trampoline, full of crazy cousins
At first I thought about how sad it was that I didn't take more pictures, but then again, we were having too much fun to think about cameras.  That's how you know it was fun!!!

We miss them all so much!  Hopefully they'll come again S*O*O*N!!!
Hay #2, overwhelmed with attention

Dub and Rocky

"I need Arrow" (she's been wearing us out with that since everybody left!)

We love you, Hay-Hays!  And ALL our cousins EVERYWHERE!

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