Sunday, April 1, 2012

Baby #4!!!

After much prayer, and seeing everybody around us popping out babies one right after the other, Jason and I had to reexamine our plan for our family.

We've already been blessed with the most wonderful kids - two fun, happy, extremely intelligent boys, and one very precious, beautiful, and also extremely intelligent girl.  But most of you know that I come from a big family - six biological kids (I'm the only girl), and four additional adopted siblings (TEN altogether, in case you couldn't connect those dots), and I always wanted a large family of my own.  Jason was content at two...then three....

But after so much prayer, we are very proud to announce -
That Jason has decided not to have that vasectomy reversal after all.  It's just not something he ever intends to do.
*Sigh.*  Happy April Fool's Day, everybody! :)

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