Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Place for Everything

I know I'm not the first Mama to wake up and find a half-eaten Pop-Tart in her shoe.

And I know kids will leave things wherever they want to, just because that's what they do.

Truck ON the trailer
Our new little brother, Pablo

That's a milk cup.  On the back of the couch.
Close-up of the milk cup
Another random milk cup

 And obviously the world is their playground....
The picnic table is ON the trampoline
An art show, using the hooks for our Christmas stockings

That same hook has been used many times.
Bo's cars can drive anywhere - the top of the flag...

...on the handrail....

But then there's other times when I happen upon something that somebody has put somewhere...and I have to wonder what their thought processes were that led them to their decision.
A princess in the louvered doors

A bear on the stairs...with a flashlight
A bottle of water on the narrow ledge the truck

A crayon in the flower vase
A back-scratcher...under the cutting board
An upright sandwich

But then I realize who I'm dealing with.  Dub, Bo, and Little Lady have limitless imaginations.
Dub's hat on the lamp

Bo needed a place to set his banana for a minute
Those hooks weren't busy...might as well hang my shoes there
 And last but not least...can you imagine going into a cell phone store and seeing YOUR DAUGHTER'S picture as the phone's wallpaper???  This is Little Lady, NO JOKE!!!  What's up with that?!


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