Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Place For Everything, Part 2

Kids are so funny. And by funny, I mean insane. And by insane, I mean they're God's way of teaching parents lessons, like the ones we've learned on misinterpretation.
Before you have a kid, you keep your house neat and tidy. After you have a kid, tidy is subject to interpretation. You don't clean up, you just tote your camera around because you never know what you'll come across.

Me: It's time to clean up! I don't want to see any toys left on this floor!
Them: Okay, Mom.
Well, I guess they showed me. :)

Seriously, you have to watch what you say.
Me: Lay out your clothes for school tomorrow.
Bo: Okay, Mom.

Me: Hang up these hangers, please.
Them: Okay, Mom.

Me: Have you put all the water guns up?
Them: Yes, Mom.

Me: Little Sister, where's your Bandaid?
LS: I taked it off in the tub.

Me: Go put up your toothbrush.
Them: Okay, Mom.

Everybody needs a kid. :)

(Disclaimer: These are *N*O*T* staged. My children are insane. And by insane, I mean very, very precious.)

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