Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Visitor At Church

We all learned our lesson at church last night. There was a visitor....

This visitor came in without anyone noticing. He found his spot, worshipped along with us, and decided to stay for classes. That was when he was finally noticed.

He wasn't the best looking visitor, bless his heart, and once people saw him they moved on to other seats, some of us as far away as possible.

Yes, I was part of it. I didn't like the looks of him, so I sat as far away as I could. I really wasn't trying to be ugly, and in fact I didn't even notice until I heard some other ladies talking about him. But I sure didn't try to be friendly with him!

I listened to some of the others talking about him, and I even got in on the talk a little bit. It really was pretty funny what they were saying. They were saying that someone needed to go over there and escort him out, but we couldn't pick the right person for the job. He was dirty looking and diseased (probably) and he just wasn't right for our church!

Well, class time was finally over, and we all got out of there quickly without making any eye contact. But someone did manage to take a quick, discreet picture with her cell phone:

Even a mouse needs the Lord!!!

By the way, the story is true (more or less - there really was a mouse) but that's not actually a picture of our visitor.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Still a Newbie

I had this super-cool slide show from photobucket all ready to go as a "Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted anything, so instead of just writing about it, I'll show pictures" catch-up post, but for some reason I can't stick it on here (great grammar) as anything but a gadget. It just goes to show that
I have NO IDEA what I'm doing!!!
It worked so wonderfully last time.  And I wanted to have a link right here to that other slide show,  but since it wasn't an actual POST, I can't get a link right to it.

I miss Arrow. :(  My little computer geek wizard brother.  Yeah, Kenny's good too but he's got 500 kids (actually 3, like me) and an insane work schedule.  And wonderful AMAZING Holly - she really does have 500 kids, plus she says she just plays with it until it looks she obviously has more patience than I do!

We'll all just have to live with that slide show being a banner on every page until I get sick enough of it to fix it.  And actually, I'm going to keep trying.... 

Hopefully this post will be obsolete in a while! :)

Friday, September 3, 2010


Yesterday started out like any other day.  Dub and Jason went on to their respective schools like normal, and the rest of us went about doing whatever it is we do when we don't have real plans for the day.

But the day took a turn.

On Wednesday, Jason dropped his somewhat new cell phone in a glass of water, and although it wasn't ruined, the touch screen would no longer work.

That's when Supermom first showed up.
Supermom came and immediately found the resources needed to FIX the cell phone.  She didn't even have to reset the whole thing and therefore lose all the data on the phone.  Phenomenal!

Poor Bo got bored with the day pretty early.  He asked if we could "go somewhere."  Like where? He suggested Target because he knew I would probably go for it.  But no, Supermom was here, so we didn't settle for Target!
Supermom packed up and took Bo and Little Lady to the playground!  Oh, but wait, it gets even better!  Supermom also packed a good lunch for them and we had a nice picnic at the playground. Unbelievable!

Supermom decided to stick around for a little while longer.  After school, when all the kids were begging for a snack, they were not given the usual pretzels or 100 calorie packs.  No way!  Supermom whipped up three beautiful and extremely healthy homemade strawberry and blueberry smoothies, and all three children were sent away with a pat on their heads and a smile on their faces.  Amazing!

The day wasn't over yet, though. Little Lady was supposed to take a nap, but she just wasn't having anything to do with slowing down.  Regular mom almost took over, which would mean LL would go to her bed anyway and Dub and Bo would be sent outside to play in the yard.  But Supermom said, "Hey, guys, wanna go to the pool???" Oh yes!  The pool will be closed after Labor Day, so we took advantage of the hot day and went to play.  Supermom is a little crazy, though - she let Dub and Bo go to play in the "big" pool while LL and I stayed in the baby pool.  Regular mom would probably have said no to that. They had the best time ever at the pool, and burned off some of their excess energy.  Incredible!

The last thing Supermom did before she flew away was cook supper.  She does not do huge multi-course meals like you might think.  But she does cook kid-friendly meals that happen to be very healthy!  We had Chili Cheese Burgers (kind of like sloppy joes), and all through supper we heard comments like, "This is the best supper EVER!"  Even Little Lady ate her food!  Astounding!

Too bad Supermom can't live here.  But I love it when she shows up!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Take Out Your Violins, Please

Cue the Sad Violinist and his pity party music:
Have you ever just had one of those weeks?  Or is it just me?  I mean, I am really trying here, but I feel like I'm swimming upstream.  Or climbing Mt. Everest.  In my bathing suit.  With high heels on. No, wait - heels would help me dig in and get up faster.  Ok, I feel like I'm digging a mile-deep hole with just a baby spoon. Or sweeping the dust off a concrete floor.  Whatever, I'm not the greatest at imagery.  It's just that I have too many things to gripe about right now, and since blogging is much cheaper than therapy, and I don't want to scare off my family and friends by complaining to them, I'm letting it all out here!

And so now it's time for the Airing of Grievances:

We all got sick on Saturday; well, three of the five did - Jason, me, and Dub.  I know that happens.  But does it always have to happen on the weekend???  We couldn't even go to a cousin's birthday party because of it.  We didn't even get to go to CHURCH!  At least it was "just" a 24-hour deal; but that was a really rough 24 hours.

Dub was out of school Monday because of that sickness.  He missed being at school, which makes me feel good that he's having a good time.  But he blamed ME for "making" him stay home since he didn't feel sick anymore, and now he's got "all this make-up work to do."  Which is also homework for me, by the way.  Let me reiterate, I could NOT homeschool!!!

Bo started Mother's Day Out again today.  That's great.  But he begs and PLEADS for me not to make him go. Ugh, talk about guilt trip!  I have tried asking all the questions to get to the root of why he really doesn't want to go; so far there doesn't seem to be anything specific, he would just rather play here with me & Little Lady.  Sweet, but....  You know, I kind of think it's out of habit that he keeps whining about it, since he really does have a good time there.

No one will take our dog.  Yeah, that sounds harsh.  But we really can't keep him here!  He's too big & energetic for our yard. We've put an ad out on Craig's List (twice now), but no one has decided they can't live without him yet.

Jason has a new additional position at school.  He is still a teacher & football coach, but now we can add Business Manager to his resume.  We never get to see him during football season anyway, but it's even less (less than never???) with this new position.  He has to go to EVERY home game of every sport that sells tickets.  Did you know that they sell tickets to volleyball games?  I do now!  Jason said that this week there are 11 home events that involve tickets sales.  Guess how many next  Can't they spread them out???  I volunteer to make the schedule!

To be a little too personal (but it's my blog), I have been trying very hard to start losing the three-baby weight that I've been sporting since, well, since I was about 8 years old (can't blame the babies for it all, then!).  I found my new favorite website about three weeks ago, Calorie Count, and at first I zoomed down about 6 pounds.  Then nothing.  I am so frustrated!!!  I'm not even cheating!!!  I mean, if I weigh the same whether I eat healthy or eat whatever I want, what's the point???  Y'all, life is NOT FAIR!!!!!  Have I mentioned that I am SO FRUSTRATED?????

We're taking Financial Peace University at church. YAY US!!!  We are doing our very best to live on our one teacher's salary (yeah, plus the extras now) budget.  And we're doing pretty good so far.  We have class on Monday nights.  Guess what else is on Mondays? EVERYTHING! Including Jason's football games.  And that's only because one little bitty coach decided it was too inconvenient for him to have his games on Thursdays like they've always been, and he pitched his little hissy fit to the right person and they changed it for HIM.  I'm not even exaggerating (too much)!!!  Poor Jason can hardly catch his breath, much less use that breath to talk with me (whole 'nother issue, I'm not even going there....)!

And this past Monday, at our FPU class, the lady doing the child care for this week did NOT show up!  At least not until almost 45 minutes late.  So everybody left their kids with the three teenage girls, who honestly are extremely reliable, but that's about 25 high-energy kids with these three girls.  We decided to keep Little Lady with us in the class (of about 33 couples, so 66 people), hoping that the lady would show up.  Well, sweet LL is not a sit-around and do nothing type of girl, and so as she tried to occupy herself she squealed a little.  I didn't think it was too disruptive, considering the size of the fellowship hall, but we were CALLED OUT!!!  We were told rather loudly, "Uh, there's child care in the back."  This guy had the nerve to say that he would have no problem leaving his 13-month old (if he had one) in that small room with all the other kids, with only teens watching over them all.  YEAH RIGHT.  I think we should call DCS on him retroactively!!!  My only alternative was to go on and take her home, since I wouldn't be able to participate in class that night anyway.  I mean, we all paid for the course and were promised child care; if there's a problem, we ALL HAVE TO ADJUST!!!  Do you really think I would skip out on child care?  I'm ALL FOR child care!  Maybe I'll just sing him the Guns 'N Roses song, "Just a little paayyshheeennssse [patience]...yeeeeaaa - eeeaaaaahh...."

*Sigh.* Well, that's about all I can think of right now.  I'm sure I'll think of more as soon as I hit "Publish." 
Or probably more things will happen so I'll have to do a Part Two.
I'd say thanks for reading, but you're probably not reading this anyway.