Sunday, July 29, 2012

If Pinterest Was A Boy, I'd Ask Him To Marry Me

Dub just remided me that I'm already married. So I'll ammend that title: If Pinterest was a boy and I wasn't already married, I'd ask him to marry me.

My baby turned three this week (THREE??)
Baby Sister at 1 month (August 2009)

Baby Sister at THREE!

This girly-girl is so much fun! She loves princesses and mermaids and everything pink and purple...which is great, because I do too! :)

Usually, I have birthdays planned for at least a month in advance. I usually work best under pressure, but I LOVE planning my kids' parties, especially the cakes. We invite the grandparents and any other in-town relatives, and our awesome neighbors, and that's about it. We keep it low-key.

But for Little Sister's party (notice the new name!) I just couldn't figure out what kind of cake to make. See, the boys - Dub and Bo - have chosen the SAME CAKE for the past, oh, ten birthdays or so. "Mom, can I have a monster truck cake?" Sure. (sigh)  I have worn out that idea - cakes in the shape of monster trucks, toy monster trucks driving on a mountain (that one was really cool), and even one with a toy monster truck on a football field.

So now that I get to plan parties for a GIRL, I kind of get lost in all the possibilities. I knew we were having our little party on Saturday, and even as late as Wednesday, I wasn't sure what kind of cake to make.

Enter Pinterest.

I LOVE PINTEREST!!! If you're unfamiliar with the site, it's like a bulletin board for all the greatest ideas on the Internet. So I searched for "Cakes" on Pinterest, and BOOM! A bazillion great ideas popped up. At first I thought I would make a mermaid cake for Little Sister. You know, a beach with cute little toy mermaids sitting on a rock in the middle.... Hey, did you know that all mermaids are practically nude?? Maybe it's the Mama in me, but I don't want half-naked chicks sitting on my kid's birthday cake!! So I started to search for something else. Something...but what?

Here's what I came up with:


Don't let the blurry exterior fool you!!! As with so many things, it's what is inside that counts! When we sliced through the semi-sloppy "cloud," our eyes were treated to a little slice of heaven.

Yeah, it's still a little sloppy. But SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I love rainbows!

Pinterest had a blue million different versions of this cake, but I picked my favorite and went with it. And it was just as much fun to make as it was to look at!

In addition to the beautiful cake, I got tons of other ideas from Pinterest. We had rainbow fruit kabobs (watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, green grapes, blueberries, and purple grapes with a marshmallow at the bottom). There were bowls with Skittles and Rainbow Twizzlers. And one of my favorites - rainbow cakes in jars for the kids.
This is pre-baked. Apparently I forgot to take a picture of the completed cakes. They were really cute!!

I wish I had thought of the rainbow theme earlier! I could have decorated the entire house so beautifully (sorry, boys!!). But like I said, I work best under pressure. Oh, and I have declared that every cake from now on will be RAINBOW on the inside!! So...probably a monster truck on top of a rainbow. Sigh.

Here's a few more pictures of some of my FAVORITE people in the world!!!

My incredibly gorgeous niece with Little Sister
This box was the life of the party!

Amazing neighbor...11 years old, and she MADE that skirt for Little Sister!!!! Incredible!

Treat of the day...Hay #2 and her mama came to see us!
Little Sister telling Hay #2 all about her new princess

Grammaw & Grampaw (somehow I always manage to take food pictures of these guys!! Sorry!)

We had a great time with SOME of our favorite people. Of course, the people made the party beautiful. But thanks to Pinterest, the food looked amazing too! :)

So...if anything happens to Jason... I'm totally asking Pinterest to marry me!

We love you, Little Sister! Happy 3rd birthday, baby!