Monday, October 25, 2010

From the Video Vault

It's Halloween Week!!! I love Halloween. I especially love the way my kids love going through the Halloween aisles at stores and pressing every single button they can find there.  Dub is big enough not to be scared by much of anything there anymore. Bo puts on a brave face, but he makes sure to stick close to Mama or Daddy. He adores Dub more than anything, but for some reason he just doesn't trust Dub in those scary aisles. I sure don't blame him.

So this video is about 2 years old. Bo would have been just about to turn 2 years old. It was taken with my cell phone, so the quality isn't great, but I think you can still tell what is going on.
Ah, fun times! I'll file this video away for his therapist when he's grown, especially since we laugh and laugh every time we watch it.  Poor little Bo. :)  I love Halloween!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Lifetime's Not Too Bad!

Well, we're kind of almost done with football season. Jason's team (Junior Varsity) has only one more game, and the Varsity will be done around Halloween. I never really know what to pray for during football season - if we pray for a great year, they could have games all the way to Christmas (I'm depressed just thinking about that!). But how can you pray for a lousy season??? Even though I didn't exactly pray for it, they've had a lousy season this year. Oh, that's too bad...(wink, wink).

Every year, though, I get into a good routine on Friday nights right around the time a lousy season would be finishing. This time, Dub & Bo's  Nana & Pop took them to several of the games, and even let them spend the night a couple of times. That was awesome (for them AND me!).  Even when they are here at home, though, I get to have several hours of "free" time once they are all in bed. And I like to have Lifetime Movie Network on during that free time.  Of COURSE I don't just sit on my hiney and watch TV for hours...No, I clean the entire house, and cook all of next week's dinners, and iron every shirt in the house, and paint the shutters, etc.  While I'm busy doing all THAT, though, I like to have the TV on as background noise.

Let me just tell ya - these movies can be so terrifying! Not in the Poltergeist kind of way, but in the "Oh, man, she had everything going for her and just lost her mind for ONE SECOND and her entire world caved in around her" kind of way.  Jason & I joke about how it's usually the Man's fault. If an alien is getting all its information from Lifetime, it would assume that All Men are evil, and Women are either extremely strong in character or the most vile, vindictive, heartless, backstabbing creatures...maybe that's why they are staying away from earth!

Anyway, last night's movies were especially terrifying for me. The first one, which I caught just the very end of, was The People Next Door. It had to do with a childless couple who kidnaps the kids next door, and the mother(single, obviously) who never gives up searching for them. Fortunately, she finds them after more than a YEAR. Y'all all know that's my biggest fear (losing my kids).

The next one was based on a true story - The Familiar Stranger.  It was about a man who embezzles money from his employers; he decides the best way to "save" his family is to commit suicide, leaving behind his faithful, loving wife, and two sons, ages 12 and 9. A decade later, they find out that he is still alive, and had only run away to start a new life.

The last movie I was able to see (or not see...) was also a true story: The Stranger I Married.  The husband is on his way home and has what should have been a fatal car crash. He survives, though, but after coming out of his coma they find that he has amnesia. He doesn't remember his wife, his kids, his life before the crash, really not even anything about himself at all. The end of the movie doesn't even satisfy me because it isn't resolved in a nice little package where all his memories come back.  I guess that can happen with true stories!

It's a shame to have to admit it, but those movies made me count my blessings.  Even though my kids are wonderful and adorable, they can absolutely get on a nerve!!!  But I would so much rather have those nerves gotten on than to not have those kids, whether I never even got to have them at all or to have them taken away from me in some way. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity and privilege of being a Mom.

And Jason - he is not perfect. I complain about how he's either too ____________, or not nearly ______________ enough, or even that he "never" or "always" _________________. (The blanks are because my complaints change daily.)  But as bad as my complaints seem to me, they could be infinitely worse!!!  So I am thankful for my husband, warts and all. :)

Lifetime Movies have a way of making me realize how scared I am of things I didn't even know I was scared of before I saw the movie. Maybe I should lay off of them? Well, football season is almost over, so it will be almost a year before I get to see any more. You know Jason won't watch them with me!!! But that's ok.  At least they aren't making any movies about MY life! I'm ok with boring, if boring means extremely blessed with a good, normal family!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!