Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Fark

Hahahaha, that title makes me laugh so much!  We told Dub and Bo that we were going to the Wilson County Fair, and they got tongue-tied, combining "Fair" and "Park," and out came "FARK!"  It has stuck.  I don't know if we'll ever go to just a fair or a park again.  It will always be The Fark.

We went to the Wilson County Fark last night...which happened to be in the middle of one of those nice little thunderstorm systems that sticks around for a few hours.  Great planning, I know.  But we couldn't go any other night, so it was worth taking a chance on it.  We waddled through many puddles in our flip flops (again, great planning), and at first all we did was look at the exhibits.  That's one of my favorite things anyway!  We got free pens galore, little (junk) toys, pamphlets, samples, notepads, etc. etc. etc., plus all the popcorn and peanuts we wanted.

(Little Lady helping herself to some popcorn)

Even some lemonade (picture courtesy of Dub):

Finally, the rain let up and we got to go to the Midway.  We are on a budget (who isn't?), so we couldn't get armbands this time.  We got a few tickets and told Dub and Bo they had to choose wisely which rides to use their tickets on.

And here, I would like to give a shout-out to the very classy carneys...
Please notice the cigarette that he so skillfully held onto while ensuring my kids' safety:
I know Little Lady wanted to ride everything her big brothers got to ride, but she didn't complain too much.  She was especially happy when we let her out of her stroller to stretch her legs.

Always with the milk, that girl.  :)

So anyway, that was our wasn't perfect, but you know what?  Dub and Bo were so excited the entire time, and they thanked us over and over (without prompting!!!) for taking them.  It kind of made me wonder about my own perspective.  We don't have to have all the money in the world to have a good time at The Fark!  We can choose our favorite things and have just as much fun.  And who cares about the rain?!?  We weren't miserably hot and it wasn't crowded at all.  Two years ago when we went, the temperatures were still over 100 degrees after 8pm, so the cooler temps were a REAL treat.  And we didn't even give in to the funnel cakes...or caramel apples...or deep fried whatevers...meaning we saved tons of money and calories.  I might even call this one of my favorite and most memorable trips to The Fark.

We're already planning for next year! :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This video is so wrong...but so funny

Dub and Bo (especially Bo) love love LOVE to play outside, no matter what the weather is like(unfortunately for me!).  Like mailmen, neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these little darlings from the swift completion of their appointed outside play.  Oh, and just to get off the subject for a second, we have found apparently the ONE THING that will keep mailmen from the swift completion of their appointed rounds: yard sales.  We had a yard sale, and since we live on a cul-de-sac the cars had to park in the roundabout; our mailman delivered to only about 3 houses on our street and then moved on!!!  To my knowledge he never returned (until the next day), but I could be wrong.  No, I'm not. :)

ANYWAY, this video was taken recently while we were outside playing.  Dub wanted me to record him doing something - I forget now what it was - and Bo was going about his own business.  The video is only 4 seconds long....  You can laugh - I did.
He's ok, I promise!!!  He did cut his knee, so I got to play nurse.  Believe it or not, these guys don't get hurt too often, which means they did not get their sense of balance from me.  Thank goodness my name isn't Grace!!!  Yes, Bo has broken his arm before, but that was just from being too daring, not from being "uniquely coordinated," like me (also known as clumsy).  He's a tough one, that Bo!  He got up and went right back to playing as soon as he could.  So you can add "scooter accidents" to that list of things that will never keep them from their outside play.  100% boy, and I love it.