Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011


This has been Dub's Spring Break. He gets two weeks, only one of which corresponds with Jason's Spring Break. Last week we did all kinds of cool little "family" things, including taking another trip through Mammoth Cave. But this week we've kind of struggled with how to occupy our time. Playing outside is always a great option...when the weather cooperates, that is, but even that can wear on their nerves when they only have each other to play with. If I had said that out loud, you might have heard all the sarcasm dripping from those words. We tell Dub and Bo all the time, "We had more than one kid so you would be playmates! Now be quiet and go be playmates! Nicely!"

Since today was cold, or at least colder than we've been spoiled to these past few days, I decided to take the kids to an indoor playground. The most convenient one?...the McDonald's down the road. I really thought I had blogged about this McDonald's before, but I guess I haven't because I couldn't find it. Y'all, out of all the "classy" McDonald'ses in the world, this one takes the cake. Something goes wrong every time we visit there. It varies as to type and severity of misfortune, but we have an extremely bad rapport with this specific McDonald's.

Today was no exception.

Little Lady is 20 months old today; I know the signs on the PlayLand say it's for ages 3 to 12, but we were the only ones there at the time (we went before the lunch rush) and she's pretty good at following her brothers around and copying them...so I let her go up by herself.
Here's Dub and Bo trying to coax Little Lady down the slide (the EASY way)

Here's what happened as a result of Dub and Bo's efforts.... Need a close-up?
They pulled her arm out of her sleeve!!!
Oh, and did I mention that she had a messy diaper???
Well, it was time for a search-and-rescue. Those signs also say that parents can play in the PlayLand too, although they probably were thinking of Munchkin Land Mommies when they wrote that, which definitely doesn't describe me. Fortunately I don't have any pictures of the rescue. Unfortunately, the lunch rush was just beginning - it seemed like the entire world had decided to have lunch at this particular McDonald's, including construction workers from apparently all over Tennessee, maybe even the entire Southeast. Oh yes, my friends, I had quite an audience. Little Lady didn't want to cooperate, even though I was the one helping her this time; she was fine with coming on down out of there, she just wanted me to carry her. I can't imagine that it was a pretty sight. I tried to make myself as graceful as possible (snort!), knowing that I will most likely be on youtube sometime soon, but I was wearing my low-rise jeans which decided to ride reeeeeeaaaaalllllyy low during my performance. NO, I DID NOT MOON ANYBODY!!! But I did have to adjust them once I got out so that they wouldn't fall completely to the floor. I thought about taking a bow since I knew everyone was watching, but I decided to try to play it off like I had no idea anyone was looking.

We left pretty soon after that.

On the horror-scale of this McDonald's, it was probably around an 8.5. Maybe some other time I'll go into some of our other experiences, but not today. I'm just going to sit here and check youtube every few minutes for my 5 minutes of fame....