Tuesday, December 21, 2010

But It's The Truth!!!

I have been in a blogging slump. I could write about all of our Christmas shopping, decorating, and laziness, but I just didn't want to. We've had a LOT of family time lately, with the Christmas holidays and our early snow days last week, and still I couldn't come up with anything really worth posting. "My kids are crazy" ~ that would be the only thing I could think of to write. But y'all already know they're crazy. :)

This past Sunday we went Christmas Caroling with members from church. We love doing that, for obvious reasons. We go caroling at various nursing homes, plus a few individual homes of some shut-ins, and it makes us every bit as happy as it does them. I love it when my kids (especially Little Lady, who happens to be the baby) give hugs to the little old ladies. You can tell it just makes their day!

Jason & I had to explain to Dub what a nursing home was. "It's not a hospital, Dub, this is where they live. They just need a special apartment where they can be near doctors and nurses all the time."

Dub: "Will we have to live in one of those apartments?"

Us: "No, because it's usually older people who live there."

He got it when we went in the first home and saw all the elderly residents, and he didn't ask again until we got to the last nursing home. We reminded him that it wasn't a hospital, but a home for older people.

While we were singing, a lady came through the lobby wheeling her dog around in her walker. And just as the song ended, Dub spotted it and said (loudly):

"Look Mom, a dog lives here! He must be really old, too!!!"

What do you say to that?! We just laughed. :)

Merry Christmas, everybody!!! We love all our family and friends, and hope you have the best season ever. We'll be busy with fireworks again after Christmas since we still haven't come into any huge money that will eliminate the need for that meager income.... If anybody would like a nice two-day job around New Year's Eve, let me know! :)